Here Come the Brides (Part One)

Bride in the Park Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

… and the grooms, of course.

Van Dusen Bride and Groom 5840 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

During a walk at Vancouver’s Van Dusen Botanical Garden this weekend, I came across two newly minted couples in the space of a few minutes.

Allium Path 0289 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

This couple and their photographer chose the entrance to the Laburnum Walk, which is a gently winding 55m (180 foot) long pathway. It’s lovely throughout the year, but simply magical for about three weeks each Spring, when these clusters are suspended over the walkway.

Van Dusen Wedding 5838 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

These woodland shots are in the heart of the city, but feel miles away from it all.

Pratical Bride Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

However, there were guests to attend to and a celebration to host. This pragmatic bride switched over to practical sandals to make the trek back to the car – and on to the reception and married life.

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