It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like …

… winter!

Hi, everyone. While I’ve been active on my other website, TwitterInstagram and Pinterest (to say nothing of work and life), I’ve been chafing at the thought of all the images I’ve captured but not yet published to Shelagh’s Lens. So, let’s start with Grouse Mountain, which is where I saw this snowy owl last weekend.

Grouse Grind Gondola copyright Shelagh Donnelly

While I’ve now actually done the Grouse Grind (once),  the trail is closed for the season and so I took the gondola to the top. This shot above is from a different visit than the rest in this post, but gives you a sense of the climb.

Lions 2015-8144 Copyright Shelagh DonnellyHere,  you have a deceptive sense that you could stretch out and touch The Lions (above) to the west. Turn a couple of steps, and you can count the container ships in the harbour just off the University Endowment Lands (below) before imagining skipping across the clouds between the mainland and the Gulf Islands.

Vcr Harbour and UBC Endowment Lands Copyright Shelagh DonnellyThe two orphaned grizzlies who have called Grouse home since they were brought here almost 14 years ago are now hibernating in their den, but two-legged families are out in full force, with some of those not skiing or snowboarding wobbling their way around the ice rink that just happens to be situated next to a workshop in which they can visit a certain jolly old elf.

Skating on the Mountain Top Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Learning to Skate 8158 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Not far away, this male snowy owl proved to be quite steady on his feet. Here are some close ups.
Snowy Owl 2015-8204 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Snowy Owl 8211 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Snowy Owl 8215 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly




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