Cloud Nine: Over the Florida Keys

When you fly, do you book an aisle seat? I know many people do – some in order to avoid a sense of claustrophobia, and others for the convenience of not needing to climb over others’ legs when you need to stretch your own legs or install yourself in one of those compact bathrooms.


Typically, you’ll find me booking a window seat. There’s so much to see outside that little window!


Whether it’s clouds, city lights, mountains, sunrises or sunsets, the horizons are amazing.


Take these shots as we approached Cuba a couple of weeks ago. Flying south from Toronto over the eastern US, the variation in colours was an evolving treat for the eyes. There was snow, of course, over Toronto, and in another post I’ll show you some of the cooler hues I captured on that leg of the trip.


On this Winter day, though, here are some of the warm aquas found below the clouds of the Florida Keys – which are only 169 km/just over a hundred miles from Havana.

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