Shelagh's Lens


Are you looking at me?

This is one of a pair of swans who are anything but shy. I’ve visited them a few times lately, and they make their way to the shoreline when I approach – likely hoping for food. I learned, on visiting…

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Take a Hike

… down by the water’s edge. Hop scotch over and across the rocks, and scoot up the sheer point. Inhale the clean, fresh air of the Pacific and, as birds and boats glide by, think how good it is to welcome…

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We’re down by the water yet again; this is also from our afternoon at Whytecliffe Park. I love this washed up log with all its whorls, and the contrast with the texture and colours of the surrounding stones.

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Tree With A View

Enjoying the tail end of this Easter weekend, we spent the afternoon at Whytecliffe Park, where you can watch cruise ships, ferries, sailboats and more glide past your eyes. There were no seals in sight today, but I did get a…

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We launched an early start to the weekend by heading up to the North Shore mountains yesterday morning, and then down to West Vancouver’s Whytecliff Park  in the afternoon. Watching sailboats, ferries and other watercraft pass by this spot near…

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