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Daily Archives: 2014-08-22

Beach Yoga

Yoga is a daily  element of life for many, yet not everyone is able to incorporate a beach into their routine. Here, during early morning at Kelowna’s Sarsons Beach, this woman had secured a quiet spot before flocks of families…

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Have you ever made friends with a horse?  This lovely fellow remained interested in my company even without my having had the foresight to bring an apple or some carrots to the stable. Instead, a few slow strokes to the…

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Cherry Red

… and shiny, with loads of equally shiny crome. Beautifully maintained. While I’d not turn down a Jaguar, I generally don’t pay a great deal of attention to cars. Rather, some beauties – such as this Cadillac – occasionally call…

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New cherry blossoms worlds away from my workplace yet a five block walk

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