Rain, Rain, Go Away

Daffs and Primula Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

After a number of days of almost non-stop rain on the west coast, this childhood song could become a bit of a mantra.

Camellia 246 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

On the other hand, it’s all that rain that brings Vancouverites these early February dollops of colour and beauty that won’t bloom in other parts of Canada for some time yet. Here on the wet coast, these are some samplings of the beauty I see as I perch over my laptop this morning, dashing off a post and a smoothie before heading to the office.




11 Comments on “Rain, Rain, Go Away

    • Too fun! Yes, I’ve been looking at your posts and Dan’s over the course of our shared rainy season and thought your images felt like home (where I’ve even taken shots of rain hammering the hillside by my workplace). 😀

      Thanks for writing, and re the floral image.

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      • Oh! Did you know Dan and I are buddies? How funny you were looking at our blogs. I’m glad they reminded you of home. Now it is sunny and warm! Crazy weather.


      • Yes, from comments in some of your posts, which is what led me to looking at Dan’s site. It’s a small world, yes? … and I’m only slightly envious of your sunshine. Our temps remain moderate; it was 12C/almost 54F at 9:00 last night.


      • It is a small world! I love that I’ve become friends with some bloggers in person although I value all the friends I have made, and am making, here. 🙂 54 is chilly but not horrible. Just think of those who are in the single digits!

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      • Agreed; it’s a small – and interesting – world!

        By the way , I was actually pretty happy that it was 54 late in the evening in February. I can appreciate, though, that this would be chilly for a Californian! 😀


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