Happy Birthday, Linda

Happy, happy birthday, Linda.

Beautiful Paris Roses 3016 2 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Readers will recognise the (1960s) vintage nature of the photo below and know that it clearly can’t be the work of this, ahem, youngish photographer. Rather, it – and the bouquet above – offer tribute to a much loved sister.


Walkers & Uncle Co 1960s (2)


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Linda

    1. Thanks very much, Laura, and good to hear from you! Yes; intent has been to restrict florals to the other site since I publish so many there, but I gave in twice today on this site.


      1. You’re welcome! I’m now using voice activation which is much much easier for me. So you will see me here now. Maybe I should do a blog about it LOL


      2. Oh, glad to hear it – and, while it sounds like a lark, you never know; it may help others, Laura. I know a person who uses such software on a daily basis in the workplace, and suspect others may find it helpful. 🙂


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