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Daily Archives: 2015-07-11

Wildfire Skies Redux

You may have noticed that I snapped more than a few images of Vancouver’s Spanish Banks and the unusual lighting Thursday evening. Here’s a gallery of some more shots from that night.

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Down by the Water

Down by the water Thursday evening, these boaters and the birds in their wake enjoyed relative solitude in an environment both muted and magnificent.    

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Passing in the Night

Well, it wasn’t exactly two ships passing in the night, but the formation of the Canada Geese through the haze the other evening did, to these eyes, somewhat mirror the ship resting in Vancouver’s waters. The lighting and muted surroundings reflect…

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Cut Through the Haze

Here are some more images from Thursday evening, when the purplish haze surrounding Vancouver’s North Shore mountains was dominated by golden cuts through the water.

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Water Babies at Sunset

As mentioned the other day, wildfires in BC have made for some dramatic skies – and waters. Above, an evening swimmer glides through the golden waters of Spanish Banks – and, below, we have silhouettes of a canine swimmer and his…

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