The Stuff of Dreams

Taking a long weekend after some full days at work meant an opportunity to visit Seattle a couple of days ago. While we’ve been through the city for air travel, I’d never before set foot outside the airport.

Fall Wedding 7796 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Staying in the heart of downtown provided a great home base for touring the city and, on the way out of town, it was time for what I understand is the requisite stop at Kerry Park, in the gorgeous Queen Anne neighbourhood.

Fall Wedding 7788 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Most people, it seems, pop up to the small park for its views over the city, including the Seattle Center’s Space Needle, Elliott Bay and Mount Rainier in the background. As I soon learned, however, the vicinity is also popular for wedding photography.

Fall Wedding 7792 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

I’d barely reached the viewpoint when my vantage point was descended upon by a charming bride and her bridal party of 14 or 16 people. They were a lovely and happy bunch, and I happily made way for their photos of the big day. Since the park was fairly crowded and, being from Vancouver, I’m pretty spoiled in terms of scenic views, I decided to instead explore the surrounding neighbourhood and its eclectic homes.Fall Wedding 7794 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

That turned out to be a great call, since it was only after a loop through this lovely neighbourhood that I came upon this much more intimate making of memories, and a very sweet couple with their photographer and a woman who was helping with the shots. There may well have been a number of people in their wedding party, but this young pair captured their special day in a truly romantic fashion, in a gorgeous sun dappled setting.

Fall Wedding 7795Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Lucky me. I was able to capture these images of young love before the happy pair and their duo made their way along the beautiful street, away from the crowded park, and on to the next stage of their big day – and their life together. Congrats!

Fall Wedding 7796 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Fall Wedding 7799 CCopyright Shelagh Donnelly

Fall Wedding 7801 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

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