Christmas is a’Comin …

Canada Geese in Fall 7834 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

… and the geese are getting fat. Not that we plan on catching or feasting on any of these creatures, though. While there was a great deal of grooming, flapping and fluffing of duck feathers, along with the occasional water bombing of neighbours, the gang was looking very comfy down by the pond today. The beautiful Fall colours are still here, although the trees at Jericho and Locarno are losing more leaves by the hour, and soon the greys and browns you see here will have the backdrop of only the evergreens.

Duck Pond in Fall 7856 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Canada Geese in Fall 7835 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Ducks in Fall 7848 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly
Duck 7857 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Duck 7862Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Jericho 7869 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

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