Postcards from Phuket

… and exhale. I don’t know about you, but these images make me feel great.

I’ve now been home just over a couple of weeks from visiting various parts of southeast Asia for a month.

Beachside Lunch Patong Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

While well worth it, the trick with going away for an extended period is returning to the realities of work. One reality that was more than manageable was spending last weekend in San Francisco for a great conference. Between unpacking and packing luggage twice in 10 days, attending numerous meetings and generally getting back to speed at home and in the office, though, it’s been a challenge to make time to sort through and publish images from a myriad of great experiences.

Water Garden Phuket Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Not that I’m complaining, mind; I realise how fortunate I am. Since we’ve now reached a weekend during which I’m staying put in a single city, here’s a start.

Water Garden Phuket 9584 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Those of you who have been to Patong will know that it’s not exactly a low key, relaxing environment; it’s a party place. We stayed a short drive away, in Kamala, but these shots are from a day visit.

Apart from the beauty of the environment, I like these shots – taken during lunch at the waterfront Impiana Resort – because they represent an oasis of calm amid all the hustle everywhere else along the beach. Kudos to Concierge Sakchai Loulang for his warm and genuine welcome to travellers seeking a bit of quiet and shade!

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