Cruising Cuba’s Coastline


Who doesn’t love classic cars?


I’m back from travels to Cuba, which began with a brief stay in Varadero.


While there were a few modern cars such as this yellow one, more of them were of a much older vintage…


… a vintage that wasn’t unfamiliar. After all, many boomers rode in cars such as these when we were very young. I don’t recall the model name, but I do remember the gleaming, massive black car my Dad drove, with loads of shiny chrome.


I made it into the ocean each day but, by the afternoon of my first full day at the resort, it felt more like a warm Vancouver afternoon – with rain pelting town. So, I walked into town to do a bit of poking around.


This seemed to throw some locals – and certainly the taxi drivers – for a loop. Walk two or three kilometers in the rain?The cabbies have a habit of giving a couple of friendly honks as they approach pedestrians, hoping to garner a bit of business. I turned them down but, when the rainfall became an outright downpour, I did take advantage of a horse and buggy ride for the last bit of the distance.


While in town, the rain got rather serious. Electricity failed in one of the market stalls I visited, and I was tempted to take a taxi back to the resort. In the end, I decided it was a good idea to walk back – and am glad I did. The rain slowed down a bit, and I was able to catch a number of shots of these lovely cars against the red Cuban soil and windswept trees … all with the Straits of Florida in the background.

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