Autumn in Vancouver

The leaves have turned and are dropping in ever increasing numbers.

12th Ave in Fall 15-7898 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Enroute to the beach earlier today, I had to stop and nab some shots of the beautiful canopies sheltering a nearby street. These shots give some sense of the maturity of these gems and how, high above the traffic lights, they dwarf the people, cars and homes beneath them.

12th Ave in Fall 15-7823 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

12th Ave in Fall 15-7898 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

12th Ave in Fall 15-7902 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

15 thoughts on “Autumn in Vancouver

    1. Aren’t they, though? Thanks, Laura. It was interesting capturing them; I’d keep an eye on traffic lights and pop in and out of the street in between traffic. 🙂


      1. Ooh, Laura! 🙂 Well, I’ve not seen much of your midwest, but loved Chicago. Am very happy for our temperate winters, though … unlike our own prairie provinces.
        Back to these trees: I love the form and sense of motion in the trunks.


      2. Yup; I love the motion .. and you are in a treat if you two visit Chicago next year, Laura. I can’t wait to go back! – Am guessing you’ll be there in baseball season?


      3. Yes baseball. We may do a few parks when the Giants are in. But we may do NY so we’re still not quite sure. I love cities…but I need a mirrorless camera before we go lol. I don’t want to lug my big nikon. 🙂


    1. Thank you, and welcome to Vancouver – I took a peek at your lovely blog.

      While I find that given spots I photograph look different (and more stark!) from one visit to the next during autumn, this stretch along West 12th just east of Arbutus is really lovely.


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