Paul 8165 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Window shopping can be fun and, as may become increasingly apparent, I enjoy the juxtaposition to be had by capturing what’s inside a shop as well as the external environment as reflected from the window’s glass.

When travelling in a new city and deciding where to eat, it’s good to take your cue from locals. On Avenue de l’Opéra, the mid-day line up outside this particular Paul (franchised in France and beyond) seemed a good indicator and so we popped in. There were a number of tempting options; we settled for berries and tasty sandwiches. You’ll want to decide whether you’d like to pay the usual premium to eat at one of the tables inside,  find a  spot on a bench a couple of blocks away, or eat on the run as it seemed was the case with more than a few.

Here, we have a look inside and beyond the shop window after the line ups had gone, and the boulangerie had closed for the day.

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