Super Moon Over Palma

With the moon and our planet being generally 328,900 kilometers or 283,000 miles apart, we tend to get excited when it feels so close we might touch it. While apogee is the term used for that period in a given month when the moon is at its furthest from the earth, we describe the period when it’s closest to the earth as the perigee, or super moon. The distance between our two orbs also varies by month, and August 10th marked our closest dance this year (watch for the next one on September 27th next year).

This image comes from slightly earlier this summer, as we approached mid July in Palma de Mallorca. This harbour is home to a broad range of boats, from the modest to the ostentatious – with cruise ships also a regular appearance. Here, we have a quiet moment in this working area of the harbour, and a truly lovely moon, whatever its distance at this moment in time.


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