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Thinking About This Year’s Travel? Think Palma de Mallorca

If you’re looking for holiday ideas and love sunshine, history, shopping and a stretch of sand, consider Palma de Mallorca. I’ve published a few shots and comments on our visit there; click here to see the article.

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Super Moon Over Palma

With the moon and our planet being generally 328,900 kilometers or 283,000 miles apart, we tend to get excited when it feels so close we might touch it. While apogee is the term used for that period in a given…

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Not-So-Rapid Transit

Ah, the romance of a horse-drawn carriage ride. In Seville. Sounds romantic, yes? Planning a not so long ago trip to New York City, I had the misguided notion of planning a carriage ride through Central Park. Speaking with an…

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Gelato Girls

If you’ve not yet been to the island of Mallorca, Spain, add it to your travel list. Take a stroll down Palma de Mallorca’s Passeig des Born, and you’re in for all sorts of treats!

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