Foggy, Foggy Days … and A Couple of Introductions

As mentioned in my last post, many areas of metro Vancouver have been blanketed in fog for a few days. It seems to have lifted today, but it’s interesting; driving to and from work, it’s been somewhat akin to shifting through different climactic zones: clear by home, then into the thick of it … followed by another opening of the skies as elevations change and, outside my office, more of the pea soup.

This are mages from last weekend, taken at one of my favourite beaches. You’d never know it, but 16 container ships, umpteem seagulls and ducks, and the North Shore Mountains were all floating behind these mists.

The foggy shot above is also one of a number you can find on a recent post in an inspiring and informative site, Leanne Cole Photography. Some of you looking at this image will know that, in addition to her artistic talents, Leanne is a collaborative being who brings together and showcases the work of photographers from around the planet.

Aussie Leanne and San Franciscan Laura Macky, another terrific photographer, represent the spirit behind  Monochrome Madness, which encourages and showcases beautiful black and white photography crafted by people from a range of hemispheres and walks of life. Here’s to you, Laura and Leanne.

Spanish Banks Fog 3425 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly






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