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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Bird’s Eye View of Mount Rainier

Flying from Vancouver to Seattle this week, I wished our pilot had latitude to make a few broad circles of Washington State’s Mount Rainier yesterday rather than hurtling onward without pause. The tallest mountain in Washington State and, indeed, in…

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Ribbons of Colour

One advantage to attending an evening meeting earlier this week? The painted skies that shifted from these gorgeous pastels to first a blood orange and, ultimately, an almost indigo  blue – but by that time, of course, we were in…

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Happy Birthday, Linda

Happy, happy birthday, Linda. Readers will recognise the (1960s) vintage nature of the photo below and know that it clearly can’t be the work of this, ahem, youngish photographer. Rather, it – and the bouquet above – offer tribute to…

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

After a number of days of almost non-stop rain on the west coast, this childhood song could become a bit of a mantra. On the other hand, it’s all that rain that brings Vancouverites these early February dollops of colour…

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City Hall

Many of the Vancouver  images I’ve posted show you our beaches, mountains and greenery. Today, I’m taking you to City Hall, a 12-storey art deco landmark that rises above Broadway and boasts some great views. It also boasts a good…

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