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Pedalling through the Blossoms

It’s Spring, and you’ll find some beautiful blossoms at Vancouver’s Kits (Kitsilano) Beach. While you’re at the beach, take a bit of a walk and you’ll find an entire block of blossoms. Just a block or two up the road…

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Return of the Herons

The herons are back! The Pacific Great Blue Herons, that is. I laugh, thinking about just how bemused my 20-something (or even 30-something) self would have been to think that this would be a big deal to me, but it…

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Sure Signs of Spring

Those in snowier climes will scoff at this, but we’ve had a tough Winter in Vancouver. For starters, we’ve actually had snow. On multiple occasions, and not solely on the mountains. However, that’s given way lately to rain in the…

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Chains of Gold

… were suspended this weekend in breathtaking beauty, all along a curving pathway of Golden Chain trees. These are also known as Labernum Watereri “Vossii”. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I spent time this weekend at Vancouver’s Van Dusen Botanical…

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Rain, Rain, Go Away

After a number of days of almost non-stop rain on the west coast, this childhood song could become a bit of a mantra. On the other hand, it’s all that rain that brings Vancouverites these early February dollops of colour…

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