My Turf

Nine months ago, while travelling in Europe, I launched this site with a photo of a heron. Now, with this representing my 200th post on Shelagh’s Lens, I thought it apropos to bring you another heron shot – one I captured this morning.

You can see the fuller picture – and sense my wish that I’d not zoomed in quite so tightly – below. These herons had been keeping their distance from one another, each with their own bit of turf amidst the grasses ringing the pond. I’d had my lens trained on the fellow you see above, when his neigbour came swooping in and was met with much noise and flapping of wings.

The interloper made a remarkably quick turnaround and hasty exit, even as I shifted my lens in an attempt to capture their exchange. Milliseconds earlier, and I might have had a dream shot. As it unfolded, I was able to get a few more shots of the intruder – and a smaller companion bird – in flight.

Heron Turf Jericho 4694 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

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