How My Travel Planning Mistake Turned Out to Be A Good Thing

Generally, the best thing about making mistakes is that we learn from them. However, I’ve not only learned from my recent travel planning faux pas; I’m benefitting from it. How so?

Hotel Monaco Lobby 4193 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Simple. Planning conference travel to the DC area for myself and a number of others, I booked accommodation for all our delegates.

Hotel Monaco Reception Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

 There was just one mistake. I booked my arrival date to be consistent with my colleagues’, somehow missing that my conference sessions started a couple of days ahead of theirs.

Brad, Hotel Monaco Alexandria Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Not a problem. Adjust the reservation, right? That would normally work, except that the conference hotel was sold out. That’s where Monaco Alexandria and Brad, seen here, came in.

Blu, Azzure, Cielo 4214 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

I was lucky enough to nab space just across the Potomac River from the conference site, and am I glad I did. Not only have hotel staff made me feel welcome, they also welcome pets and their families. Have a look at Blu, Azzure and Cielo, all snug in front of the lobby fireplace.

Hotel Monaco Alexandria accomm Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

If the comfort of the lobby wasn’t enough, here’s a look at my spacious room. Am loving the decor here. The lobby and its living room have rich, comforting colours and provide a contemporary twist on the area’s history. My room also has pops of colour, and is bright and airy.

Hotel Monaco Bikes, Reception Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

My first meeting is just over a couple of hours away but, if I move quickly, I just might be able to fit in a little bike tour of the area beforehand. What a treat to have bikes at the ready as a courtesy to guests.

Postscript: The Full Story

I liked the Monaco Alexandria so much that I juggled my reservations and spent most of my stay here, rather than at the conference site. Click here for my review.

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