I Won’t Look at You If You Won’t Look at Me

We get to see some interesting traffic in the waters around Spanish Banks and Locarno Beach. This last Spring, friends were awed by the sight of a whale at both Locarno and Kitsilano (Kits) Beaches. I was envious. Envious, but happy for others treated to such a rarity.

Heron, Kayak and Ships - Vancouver 0670 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

More typically, we see herons and seagulls, with eagles also making appearances.

Heron, Kayak and Ships - Vancouver 0671 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

… and of course, being Vancouver, we have container ships as well as people kayaking, paddleboarding, sailing, swimming and skimboarding their ways through our waters.

Heron, Kayak and Ships - Vancouver 0672 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

We don’t always get to see such a a collection of bird, human and ships so neatly lined up and criss-crossing our waters. Here,  both the heron and the kayaker seem determined to keep eyes straight ahead … anything but eye contact.Heron and Ship 0668 Vancouver Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Then, once the kayaker was at a safe distance … home free!

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