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Return of the Herons

The herons are back! The Pacific Great Blue Herons, that is. I laugh, thinking about just how bemused my 20-something (or even 30-something) self would have been to think that this would be a big deal to me, but it…

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Sure Signs of Spring

Those in snowier climes will scoff at this, but we’ve had a tough Winter in Vancouver. For starters, we’ve actually had snow. On multiple occasions, and not solely on the mountains. However, that’s given way lately to rain in the…

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I Won’t Look at You If You Won’t Look at Me

We get to see some interesting traffic in the waters around Spanish Banks and Locarno Beach. This last Spring, friends were awed by the sight of a whale at both Locarno and Kitsilano (Kits) Beaches. I was envious. Envious, but happy…

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Quest for Nectar

Walking through the Singapore Botanic Gardens earlier this year, I was treated to the sight of this lovely bird. You’ll see his firm grip on the ridiculously slender stalk leading to more than a couple of pockets of nectar.

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Pretty Flamingo

We had a flock of flamingos once on our front lawn, but they were the manufactured kind and a bit of housewarming fun arranged by a relative. So, it was a real treat recently to see real, live flamingos in the…

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