A Different Kind of Bread Line

Lineups such as this are typical alongside the Pure Bread stall at the Kitsilano (Kits) Farmers’ Market in Vancouver.

Pure Bread Lineup Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Here are some of the reasons.

Pure Bread Baked Goods Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Raspberry Loaf Copyright Shelagh Donnelly



We usually go for the Drunken Apple Blondies, above.

One square cut in half nicely takes care of two people’s desserts.

Bear in mind that I took these shots through the glass counter yesterday, but you’ll get a sense of just why it’s not uncommon to see a lineup that’s two dozen deep.

Pure Bread Baked Goods 2296 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

It’s not all about the desserts at the Kits Farmers’ Market, though.

Eggplant 2331 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

As you’ll see here, I usually walk home with bags overflowing with berries, kale, lettuce, and assorted fruits and veggies that are in season.

Okanagan Peaches Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Eggplant was on our dinner menu last evening, and we enjoyed market-fresh peaches and cherries at brunch.

BC Cherries Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

We’re happy to have imported strawberries when they’re not in season locally, but nothing beats homegrown – see how the variety typically grown in BC is red through and through?

Belle's Strawberries 2016-2027 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

Hungry, anyone?

BC Strawberries - Red Inside - Copyright Shelagh Donnelly


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