First Snowfall

While many have perceptions of Canada as a year-round winter wonderland, that’s not the case throughout our country.


Here in Vancouver, snow on the mountains is not uncommon in the winter months. stanley-park-in-dec-16-2632-copyright-shelagh-donnelly

Last weekend, many Vancouverites – such as the kayaker above – were out enjoying a gorgeous break from the rain. Sunday was spectacular, and called for sunglasses.


Since it’s a major event when snow falls in the city itself – and even more so if it doesn’t immediately turn to slushy rain – I rushed to capture this image outside our living room window earlier this week.

The trick with snowfalls that last, however small or briefly, is that many people in Metro Vancouver are simply unused to driving in the white stuff. It made for some interesting commutes.

However, it also makes for some beautiful images and enchanting walks once you’re done commuting. More shots to follow!




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