Shelagh's Lens


Vancouver in Winter

Vancouver in winter … the skies were blue and clear as this day dawned. Here, as afternoon approached its close, the sun cast a gentle sheen over the snowy North Shore mountaintops.

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Harbour Lights

As Christmas drew close this year, the skies cleared and we enjoyed some sunny, clear days. This led to a minor dusting of snow, and so I made my way up to another mountain to capture views to the west….

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First Snowfall

While many have perceptions of Canada as a year-round winter wonderland, that’s not the case throughout our country. Here in Vancouver, snow on the mountains is not uncommon in the winter months. Last weekend, many Vancouverites – such as the…

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The Lions

Close your eyes with this image in mind, and inhale the cool, clean air. Happy new year, all. With thanks to those who stopped by this site in 2014, this image of The Lions is my offering to mark and…

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