On the Waterfront: Coal Harbour

Last weekend, before the snowfall that would be a non-event in many other locales, we enjoyed crisp and sunny weather that begged for a good, long walk.


One of those walks found me photographing Vancouver’s Coal Harbour, which is nestled just a few bends along the seawall from Stanley Park.


Here, at the entrance to Stanley Park, you have one of the two Royal Vancouver Yacht Club locations. This is home to the Vancouver Rowing Club.


Once you tear your eyes away from the gorgeous mountains, you’ll see boats of all sizes, from kayaks to yachts.


If you visit Vancouver and (as do most visitors) find yourself in Stanley Park, give yourself a bit of extra time to explore the extended seawall. Round the bend from the Yacht Club, you’ll find yourself in Coal Harbour – and gleaming towers of condos.


Coal Harbour is also home to Harbour Green Park. You’ll be glad you made the time for an extended walk, particularly when you see LightShed. This is a striking aluminum sculpture by Liz Magor. Think of a crooked little cottage on stilts, and you’ll appreciate its juxtoposition against the backdrop of Vancouver’s expensive condos.

Light Shed Coal Harbour 8092 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

While the sculpture probably isn’t that much smaller than some of the newer condos in the city, it’s intended to recall the boat sheds that used to call this stretch of land home. You’ll find it at the foot of Broughton Street, by the Coal Harbour Community Centre. Visit it after dusk, and you’ll see some gentle light shining through that crack in the door, and the windows all ’round.


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