Shelagh's Lens


Forest in the Fog

Anyone who’s been to Vancouver’s Stanley Park, or even heard of it, will know that this spot is renowned for its majestic evergreens. In the fog earlier this month, you’d be hard pressed to recognise the park at all. I…

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Harbour Lights

As Christmas drew close this year, the skies cleared and we enjoyed some sunny, clear days. This led to a minor dusting of snow, and so I made my way up to another mountain to capture views to the west….

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Into the Mists

After capturing a number of photos from above the fog earlier this month, I made my way down to West Vancouver’s Ambleside Beach. There, you have Stanley Park directly across the waters. On this particular morning, much of the forested…

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Above It All

… and here’s a look at downtown Vancouver, and its highrises poking through the fog earlier this month. The early morning skies, touched with a hint of pink, were in stark contrast to the cityscape below. That’s the famed Lions…

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Return of the Herons

The herons are back! The Pacific Great Blue Herons, that is. I laugh, thinking about just how bemused my 20-something (or even 30-something) self would have been to think that this would be a big deal to me, but it…

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On the Waterfront: Coal Harbour

Last weekend, before the snowfall that would be a non-event in many other locales, we enjoyed crisp and sunny weather that begged for a good, long walk. One of those walks found me photographing Vancouver’s Coal Harbour, which is nestled just a…

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