A Bit of Bubbly

A bit of bubbly is a great way close out the year, yes? While we did enjoy some glasses of champagne later on New Year’s Eve, these shots are from a walk down to False Creek on the afternoon of the last day of the year.

Those really are are giant bubbles floating byVancouver’s Science World, and not some photographic quirk.

You’ll see a silhouetted figure on the dock above, and in the video I took, below. The snow-capped mountains in the background are pure bonus!

Here, in Vancouver’s Olympic Village neighbourood, this man took dish detergent to a whole new art form …

… with many of the bubbles starting out as gorgeous, transparent spheres that reflected images and colours around them, particularly as they gently floated down to the water.

People of all ages paused along the boardwalk to enjoy the timeless fun, and to admire the shape shifting that occurred as the gentle breeze pulled the bubbles across the beautiful blue waters.

Are you hooked on these bubbles? If so, here’s a slo-mo look at one in action.

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