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A Bit of Bubbly

A bit of bubbly is a great way close out the year, yes? While we did enjoy some glasses of champagne later on New Year’s Eve, these shots are from a walk down to False Creek on the afternoon of…

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False Creek is home to Vancouver’s Granville Island Market, and to a range of boats. While there are a number of luxury yachts, you’ll also find working boats and the people who bring in crabs, prawns, salmon and other delicacies…

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Commuter Gridwork

Well, this may not represent my regular commute, but crossing Vancouver’s Burrard Street Bridge – 18 years shy of its centennary –  at the end of a Fall day makes for a lovely site. These shots showcase Thursday evening’s pastel skies…

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Evening Falls

Living in or visiting a large city, one may forego the starry skies of less urbanised areas. Instead, visitors enjoying an evening stroll have the twinkling lights of condos/flats, which stream here down to the waters of False Creek.

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Sun: 1, Fog: 0

While we’re enjoying gorgeous summer weather in Vancouver, here’s a look back at the sun’s winning attempt earlier this year to break through a late afternoon fog. You’ll see, too, that a little fog doesn’t scare away our outdoorsy types!

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