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All is Calm

… All right, so we know that’s not really the case, either in the real world, or with respect to having the time to publish as much as I’d like. Hello again, and thank you to those who are turning…

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To market, to market …

… in Barcelona’s wonderful La Boqueria, where it’s tough to decide which is better: the people watching, or the stunning array of wonderful, fresh food.

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Barcelona’s Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya is situated in a building known as the Palaau Nacional of Montjuïc, which gives the impression of a majestic, enchanted castle; think Cinderella rushing down one of the exterior staircases. The building is, however,…

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… And How Would You Feel?

…  if you’d been pulled from your natural environment, shipped off to market and put on display for consumption? Being the mother of a vegan certainly affects one’s perspective but, seriously, how could one not respond to this face?  It…

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Gaudi’s Barcelona

This is the house that Gaudi built, in Park Güell. Like many, we chose to visit Barcelona based in part on word of the wonders of architect Antoni Gaudi i Cornet. This Catalan genius was born south of Barcelona in…

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