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All is Calm

… All right, so we know that’s not really the case, either in the real world, or with respect to having the time to publish as much as I’d like. Hello again, and thank you to those who are turning…

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Old Montreal

We’re back to window shopping and playing with reflections today, with a visit to Old Montreal. My visit to Montreal earlier this year coincided with a tremendous rainfall, and so I particularly appreciated the colourful images of birds in one…

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Tick, Tock

When you’re a Canadian living in a relatively new city such as Vancouver, there’s appreciation to be had for visiting older locales. I’ve yet to visit two of our oldest cities,  St. John’s, Newfoundland and Quebec City, Quebec, but have…

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House of Beauty

Montreal, Quebec is among Canada’s older cities, and is home to Notre-Dame Basilica, which began as a chapel constructed between 1672 and 1683. Architectural influences range from baroque to gothic revival, and the church – which received basilica status in 1982 –…

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Bike Stop

I enjoy exploring cities on foot. You’ll find wall murals on more than a couple of Montreal buildings, and I appreciated the art work on this one, as well as the sense of motion conveyed – all the more so…

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Window Shopping

Window shopping and an eye for style needn’t be limited to clothing. Feast your eyes on this lovely plate of macarons, nestled in the window of a shop in old Montreal.

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