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Chicago: A Warm, if Windy, City

Fly into the City of Chicago as I did early one Fall morning, and you’ll be struck by the gleam of the sun bouncing off scores of skyscrapers nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan. The city lives up to…

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Let’s Hit the Ice

As I look forward to this year winding down, that’s good news in terms of having a bit of time to catch up with posts to both my blogs, with loads of photos and memories just waiting, perched on my…

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Cloud Gate

… which locals also call The Bean, is Anish Kapoor‘s contribution to Chicago – much to the delight of those who visit Millennium Park. Think back to science studies, and imagine ever so carefully letting a drop of liquid mercury…

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Give the Lady What She Wants

Back from Chicago for a few days now, I’ve spent the balance of the week working like a fiend. When I’ve been able to come up for air, conversation has typically included encouragement that others visit this friendly, fascinating and…

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The Windy City

Chicago, from which I’m writing, is appropriately known as the windy city, but I’m also finding it a friendly city. The architecture is, as expected, impressive. Here’s a look at the city, and the Chicago River, at dusk.

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