Shelagh's Lens



Today, we have a marriage of Spain, as seen in the photo from Cap de Formentor, above, and France, below. Followers may know that I like to play with shop windows, and the reflections to be found therein. Below, we…

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Comes With A Pool

… and much, much more, although the maintenance would be substantial. All of which is another way of saying I appreciated the Palace of Versailles, inside and out. Here is just one of a number of statues situated throughout the…

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La Grande Roue

Many cities and towns have summer fairs, complete with rides for kiddies young and old. Here in Vancouver, we have the PNE, also known as the Pacific National Exhibition, where we have views of the North Shore Mountains and –…

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Silver and Gold

… a great deal of which were no doubt required to design, build and maintain the beautiful suites of the Chateau de Versailles, which we in North America know as the Palace of Versailles.  

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Let them Eat … Brioche

Crowds of fellow visitors aside, the  Palace of Versailles is unlikely to elicit neutral reactions from travellers. Elegant and opulent by turn, and often in hand, many of the suites look out onto equally grand gardens. I’ll post images from…

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