Swan Ballet

While Palma de Mallorca’s Le Sue (Cathedral) is much to be admired for its Gothic architecture, scale and views out to the water, there’s a quiet spot nestled to the side of the building that I also appreciate.

Here, we were treated to the antics of a family of swans, complete with cygnets/young ones. Depending on the time of day, you may see the entire brood in the water. In this shot, some of the family offered a synchronised, and almost balletic approach,  to seeking food.

What could be mistaken for fluttering pieces of linen surrounding a mature swan are actually its mate and four of the little ones bobbing gracefully for food, as may be seen by the gently churned waters surrounding each immersed beak.

Earlier the same day, the entire family made their way out of the water together, with the parents taking time and great care grooming themselves once they were on land – and with the little ones mimicking their parents.


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