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Daily Archives: 2014-07-31

Hold that Gift

Here at Holt Renfrew in late April, one shop window featured a fashionable play on the Mother’s Day theme. Retro washer, retro thinking, I thought – even as I was enjoying capturing reflections that blurred the lines between the tongue…

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Miami Style

Continuing with the Miami Beach theme today, Collins Avenue is also home to some nice style in a number of forms, ranging from this well dressed diner to the gleaming chrome Lamborghini driven by our restaurant. I’d have offered up an…

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Art Deco in Miami

If you like sunshine, sand, water and Art Deco architecture, Miami may be the place for you. This is just one of a number of gorgeous buildings near the beach.

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Balboa’s Shadows

Not being one for straight lines, I found the architecture – and its shadows – particularly appealing just inside the entrance to the Botanical Building in San Diego’s Balboa Park. If you have the opportunity to visit this beautiful city, …

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In Transit

Trying the local transportation systems when visiting other cities can expand one’s insights beyond the obvious tourist haunts, and riding Paris’ Metro also provided interesting perspectives on people.

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