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Daily Archives: 2014-07-23

Gelato Girls

If you’ve not yet been to the island of Mallorca, Spain, add it to your travel list. Take a stroll down Palma de Mallorca’s Passeig des Born, and you’re in for all sorts of treats!

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Pick a bike, any bike. On a dreary Vancouver day earlier this year, this colourful array of bikes, so neatly arrayed, called to mind a stack of dominoes awaiting a gentle prod to set things in motion. Silly thoughts aside,…

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When you’re little, everyone and everything around you can seem big, but just consider the size of the statues around this little fellow in the blue shirt. Scale can be fun. While the painted orca is roughly two meters high,…

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By the Quay

Near the foot of a steep hill  by the New Westminster Quay, this overpass serves as a link between the old and the new. New West, British Columbia’s original Royal City, has century-old houses mere blocks from the shiny new building…

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House of Beauty

Montreal, Quebec is among Canada’s older cities, and is home to Notre-Dame Basilica, which began as a chapel constructed between 1672 and 1683. Architectural influences range from baroque to gothic revival, and the church – which received basilica status in 1982 –…

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