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Daily Archives: 2014-07-09

In Aid of Romance

I’ve mentioned in an earlier post that the people of Porto celebrate Festa de São João in late June each year. There are a number of traditions associated with this celebration, including meals centred around grilled sardines, midnight fireworks, fun…

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Pines Over Water

We may have different reactions to waters such as these, but I find them magical. Toss in steep cliffs from which sweetly scented pines bow beneath the sun’s rays, as if to shelter the waters below, and the vignette is…

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Bike Stop

I enjoy exploring cities on foot. You’ll find wall murals on more than a couple of Montreal buildings, and I appreciated the art work on this one, as well as the sense of motion conveyed – all the more so…

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Do you remember being so young that you thought summer vacations would never end? Here we have one of a few young boys who were horsing around in the water toward the close of yet another perfect summer’s eve in…

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Ahem. It occurs to me that the play on words in the title for this post may be lost on those not from the Pacific Northwest – BC, Washington State, Oregon (think Cascadia) and so on. Not everyone living in the…

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