A much loved relative, widowed nine years ago, is in the process of downsizing and saying goodbye to her home of decades.

This being metro Vancouver, the house sold ridiculously quickly, receiving four offers within 24 hours of it being on the market. Fortunately, she arranged to have a few weeks more before turning over the keys, and can enjoy one last summer in the garden that reflects the love and care her husband put into many plantings.

This image is bittersweet to me. Apart from being a fellow lover of lilacs, we knew that this past Spring would mark her last one at this home in which she and her husband shared their lives.  While the vivid lilacs on top are a more recent addition to the landscaping, each of the lilac trees had its own story of arrival in the garden.

Now, while we’ll hope the new homeowners enjoy these lilacs for Springs to come, we’re also wishing this relative health and happiness in her new home – and just might transplant a few wee reminders of this current garden outside her new home’s window.




2 Comments on “Bittersweet

  1. Sounds like great memories were made within this Home and in these Gardens.
    I’m certain all who entered the walls and gardens will carry special memories with
    them long after the home has been vacated. Best of love, luck and gardening to
    whomever is moving, and I hope they find peace and great soil in their new home!
    Lilacs just happen to be one of my favorites too!

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