Rooftops of Granada

Chief among the dominant memories of Granada –  which also included enjoying olives, sangria, sunshine and good company while watching World Cup games – is the Alhambra. The palaces, and particularly the gardens, come to mind as places I’d like to visit again.

Given its elevated site, the Alhambra presents you another treat: great views of the region. Here, you see rooftops of the town, including views toward the Royal Chapel of Granada, the resting place of Spain’s Queen Isabella (1451-1504) and King Ferdinand II (1452-1516).

Granada from the Alhambra 9572 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

5 thoughts on “Rooftops of Granada

  1. some lovely colours and pictures here.

    IN grade 12 our school choir sang a lovely song in Spanish about Granada. Strangely I still remember part of the song, but my Spanish wouldn’t allow me to try and spell it for you 😦


    1. Aren’t they, though? Thanks for continuing to pop on to my site (I enjoy your landscapes in particular), and all the very best to you for photography and teaching in the year ahead.



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