Playing in Snow

Those who’ve not been to Canada may be forgiven for thinking we have mounds of snow such as this at our doorsteps. Well, that may be true during some months, in some regions and provinces, but not so in Vancouver, where there’s a reason for our gorgeous greenery.

No; we’re relatively snow-deprived/snow-free, depending on your perspective, through most winters in Vancouver.  When it does snow in the city, it’s big news. If you happen to take a short drive to one of our nearby mountains, though, you may find a different story.  In the image above, this little one kept popping up from behind a snowbank while learning just how much fun the white stuff can be.

Below, we’re back in the city, with an image from the snowfall we did have in the city last month. These young ones were hopping through the snow near some bushes that will yield small but sweet wild berries once again next year.

Snow Bunnies 2014-11-2360 Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

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