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Lost in the Alhambra

These are the windows, and the view, that saw me losing sight of my husband, our tour guide Juan, and the rest of our group  inside the Alhambra, just before the Patio of the Lions. I was among those laughing, at…

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Rooftops of Granada

Chief among the dominant memories of Granada –  which also included enjoying olives, sangria, sunshine and good company while watching World Cup games – is the Alhambra. The palaces, and particularly the gardens, come to mind as places I’d like…

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Alhambran Meditation

Quiet. Contemplation, or emptying of thoughts, whichever is best suited to the day. Difficult as it may be to imagine solitude amidst fellow travellers visiting Granada’s Alhambra Palace, it can be had, as seen here in the gardens. Beauty at…

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Alhambra: 14th Century Sophistication

If ever you have the opportunity to visit Granada, nab it – for it’s difficult to imagine being anything less than inspired and enchanted by this palace and its gardens. While history tells us that the Alcazaba fortress here dates…

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Playing for Gold

At Mirador de San Nicolas, tourists gather day and night for views of Granada’s Alhambra. The views, with mountainous backdrop, are gorgeous by daylight and take on enchanted hues as the sun sets on another day. There is a high…

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No Place Like Home

Granada, particularly in neighbourhoods such as the Albayzin area in which we stayed, is a city of narrow, cobbled hills and stone. There are advantages to visiting such quarters, including proximity to Mirador de San Nicolas and its views of the…

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