Shelagh's Lens


Forest in the Fog

Anyone who’s been to Vancouver’s Stanley Park, or even heard of it, will know that this spot is renowned for its majestic evergreens. In the fog earlier this month, you’d be hard pressed to recognise the park at all. I…

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Into the Mists

After capturing a number of photos from above the fog earlier this month, I made my way down to West Vancouver’s Ambleside Beach. There, you have Stanley Park directly across the waters. On this particular morning, much of the forested…

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Forest Lounge

No, not that kind of lounge. We’re back in the woods again, with ferns circling an old trunk that’s hosting new life. This image is from West Vancouver’s Lighthouse Park, which is home to old growth trees, fresh, clean air…

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Let’s to the Woodland Glade

Deep in the forest, and off the trail, what will you find? A graceful ring of verde: ferns, evergreens and trees whose branches are clad solely in moss. All of them are joined in circling and even guarding, it might…

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Walk in the Woods

Do you have an abundance of trees, forests and ferns where you live? We do and, if you grew up reading lore of woodland creatures, you can also likely imagine one or another intriguing character just around the corner.

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