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Caribbean Waters

Last September, in the good old days when we could readily travel, I travelled to Barbados for work.  As I do whenever possible, I snagged window seats for both flights. The views above the Caribbean were incredible, and here’s my…

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Forest in the Fog

Anyone who’s been to Vancouver’s Stanley Park, or even heard of it, will know that this spot is renowned for its majestic evergreens. In the fog earlier this month, you’d be hard pressed to recognise the park at all. I…

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Cloud Nine: Over the Florida Keys

When you fly, do you book an aisle seat? I know many people do – some in order to avoid a sense of claustrophobia, and others for the convenience of not needing to climb over others’ legs when you need…

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Night Skies Over Toronto

Flying in to Toronto late last month, the city’s lights were sparkling and the freeways were ribbons of glittering gold.

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Over the Canyons

Some more images from travel over Arizona …

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Arizona Aerials

It’s not just the rain that has me wishing I’d had a few more days in Arizona last week; apart from the sunshine, the terrain is varied and striking.

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