Playing for Gold

Playing by the Alhambra Copyright Shelagh Donnelly

At Mirador de San Nicolas, tourists gather day and night for views of Granada’s Alhambra. The views, with mountainous backdrop, are gorgeous by daylight and take on enchanted hues as the sun sets on another day.

There is a high population of young people in this old city, many of them here for university studies. There are also many who are beyond the blush of youth, but appear to continue to live the lifestyle – and yet others whose stays seem to be short term, or with short term thinking, as they don’t pick up after their dogs, around whose droppings you’ll carefully navigate throughout the hilly cobble stone streets leading to the Albaicín Quarter.

Here, as tourists made their way to Mirador de San Nicolas for sunset views, this group gathered in a prime position as dusk fell, and played for the visitors’ Euros. They were in good company, as it was difficult to walk more than a few paces without coming across a blanket or scarf strewn with trinkets to lighten one’s wallet.

The atmosphere was, despite the commerce and repeat variations of the same tune, peaceful and added to, rather than detracted from, the reason we’d climbed the steps for the views.

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