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Kits Beach Covered in Snow!

Putting February 2019 behind us: It was the coldest February Vancouverites have encountered in over 80 years, and among our top 10 snowiest months

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Pedalling through the Blossoms

It’s Spring, and you’ll find some beautiful blossoms at Vancouver’s Kits (Kitsilano) Beach. While you’re at the beach, take a bit of a walk and you’ll find an entire block of blossoms. Just a block or two up the road…

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Evening at Kits Beach

The sun hasn’t yet dropped, and people of all ages are out and about enjoying Kitsilano Beach this evening.  

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Spring Time at Kits

It’s Spring in Vancouver, and less than two weeks till the 137 meter/449 foot long salt water pool at Kitsilano Beach opens for the season. Last Sunday, competitors in the BMO Vancouver Marathon got to enjoy this spectacular setting on…

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Pink Champagne

… or, even better, the drawing to a close of another summer evening. Here at Kits Beach, while the violinist beneath her preferred tree draws her bow to tell the tale of Danny Boy, and the volleyball teams spike balls…

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With Bells On

With blue skies, a gorgeous backdrop of mountains and happy beach-goers delighted to see you, wouldn’t you be smiling, too? For the many people enjoying Kits Beach this afternoon, the perfect summer day was made even more pleasant by the…

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