Shelagh's Lens


Old Montreal

We’re back to window shopping and playing with reflections today, with a visit to Old Montreal. My visit to Montreal earlier this year coincided with a tremendous rainfall, and so I particularly appreciated the colourful images of birds in one…

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Miami Style

Continuing with the Miami Beach theme today, Collins Avenue is also home to some nice style in a number of forms, ranging from this well dressed diner to the gleaming chrome Lamborghini driven by our restaurant. I’d have offered up an…

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Bastille Day: Military Bonhomie and Panache

  With this year’s Bastille Day just passed, here’s a collection of  some post-parade images. Some of the shots of troops relaxing were taken literally around the corner from our hotel, while others are the result of our stroll across…

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Little Copper Dress …

… dresser, that is! Vancouver’s South Granville area is home to a number of interesting shops, and the manager at the business displaying this creative dresser from Judson Beaumont’s Straight Line Designs was incredibly gracious to this window shopper.

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Style from Seville

Outside the cathedral of Seville, a newly married young couple posed for photographs. Members of the wedding party, including the man escorting this young mother, gathered in clusters here and there until called into action for a group photograph. While…

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