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Faces of Cuba: Girl at the Window

Visiting Havana, I stayed in a casa particulare, a private home just two blocks from the Malecón and removed from the tourist bubble.

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On the Balcony: Faces of Cuba

On Havana’s Boulevard de San Rafael, as in much of the city, you’ll find yourself in the midst of colourful old buildings with magnificently high ceilings on each level. In fact, I’d guess that the ground floor ceiling of the…

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Little Girl With a Big Personality

It’s almost a couple of weeks since I returned from a first visit to Cuba, where anyone who loves photography is spoiled for options. You have the natural environment and colourful spectacles of cars as well as grand old buildings that are…

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Playing in Snow

Those who’ve not been to Canada may be forgiven for thinking we have mounds of snow such as this at our doorsteps. Well, that may be true during some months, in some regions and provinces, but not so in Vancouver,…

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The Popular Girl

Once the popular girl, always the popular girl. Surrounded by people decades younger than them, these three fellows had eyes and ears only for the gal in their midst. Some things do change with age, though, and these front-end boomers…

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Style from Seville

Outside the cathedral of Seville, a newly married young couple posed for photographs. Members of the wedding party, including the man escorting this young mother, gathered in clusters here and there until called into action for a group photograph. While…

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