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Higher Learning

Last summer in Seville, we explored the city on foot and it was a treat to explore the University of Seville. Gorgeous woodwork and architecture!

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Not-So-Rapid Transit

Ah, the romance of a horse-drawn carriage ride. In Seville. Sounds romantic, yes? Planning a not so long ago trip to New York City, I had the misguided notion of planning a carriage ride through Central Park. Speaking with an…

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Waiting for Business

Here, in the shelter of shade outside the Seville Cathedral, these horse and carriage drivers held a striking affinity to cabbies outside any airport  or hotel. Although this group appeared to be more relaxed than their counterparts who queue up…

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Style from Seville

Outside the cathedral of Seville, a newly married young couple posed for photographs. Members of the wedding party, including the man escorting this young mother, gathered in clusters here and there until called into action for a group photograph. While…

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Sevillian Revellers

Spain’s Andalusia region is a treat for the eyes. On a recent afternoon, we rounded the corner of the massive Cathedral of Seville before retreating for some cool shade when we came across this celebratory group. The cathedral, which you’ll…

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