Shelagh's Lens



These two little pals were enjoying a bit of freedom from the constraints of sitting still at one of the sidewalk tables with their mums, and the entire block stretched open to them.

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Girl at the Gate

Here, at the Palace of Versailles, we have a young traveller taking a break from crowds and architecture. With throngs of people everywhere around on a hot, sunny afternoon, this young woman found a quiet corner by the golden gates.

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Visions in White: Family

Concluding today’s trilogy of images wrapped in white, here is a sweetly earnest pair we met on our travels.  

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Do you remember being so young that you thought summer vacations would never end? Here we have one of a few young boys who were horsing around in the water toward the close of yet another perfect summer’s eve in…

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Boy On Log

Ah, the perfect summer day, now drawing to a close, complete with the innocence of somewhat gangly pre-teen boys poking around logs extending into the water. I hesitate to publish this shot, but do so for its timeless quality; this…

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